Children’s Division 

Classes are offered by age in these pre-school and kindergarten classes and are developed with a child’s physical and cognitive abilities. Within a nurturing environment, children learn ballet basics and technique, creative movement and conditioning.

Creative Movement – Age 2 



Pre-Ballet I  (Ages  3 & 4)



Pre-Ballet II – AgeS 5+



Primary Ballet

Students build on their knowledge of ballet basics with a more comprehensive knowledge of ballet techniques and a greater ability to execute its principles.  Along with continued progress in their physical development, the emphasis in these levels also includes the development of the whole child.

Ballet 1



Ballet 2



Ballet 3



Ballet 4



Intermediate Ballet

Based on appropriate skill level and maturity, students are ready for a more intense and challenging course of study.  We take a healthy and nurturing approach to the development of each student, advancement through the program is based on their ability more than their age. Classes include includes ballet technique, pointe/pre-pointe, variations, repertoire, contemporary, flamenco and conditioning/stretching.

Ballet 5



Ballet 6



Advanced Ballet

Students at this level study 5-6 days per week.  In addition to classical ballet, additional dance genres are studied that are necessary for preparation for a professional dance career or entry into a college dance program.  The curriculum includes ballet technique, pointe/pre-pointe, variations, repertoire, contemporary, flamenco, conditioning/stretching and partnering.

Ballet 7


Ballet 8 


Boys Division

Our boys classes encompass various ages and levels. Boys with a higher level of interest or ability may also join dance classes in levels 1-8. 



Adult ballet

Our adult classes encompass all levels of ability and students may work at their own pace.  It is a great way to incorporate a fun exercise into your weekly routine or brush up on previous ballet skills.

$15 per class

10 class punch cards $130

20 class punch cards $240

Summer Drop-in

Starting June 17th, 2019

Tuesday 8:00am – 9:00am
Thursday 7:00pm – 8:00pm