*Please note the cost of the class is displayed as a registration fee.  There is no additional fee. 

Open Classes

August 25,26,27 
Current Students please register for your Fall Level class.
New students contact us for placement.

Due to class size restrictions you must pre-register.

Level 8 4:30-6:00 
Level 7 4:30-6:00
Level 5/Level 6 6:15-7:45 
Level 4/Level 3 6:15-7:30 

$20 ClASS


Adult Class

Our adult classes encompass all levels of ability and students may work at their own pace.  It is a great way to incorporate a fun exercise into your weekly routine or brush up on previous ballet skills.



August  T, Th 10:00am-11:00am

$15 per class,

Virtual or in-sTUDIO